• A modern, elegant Cognac with a sensual, lively spirit.

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EXSTO Cognac

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“...an unprecedented move”


"...lovely notes of caramel, citrus, and ginger, along with a light, rustic touch of oak that should keep the purists satisfied."

- CNA Luxury

“An excellent cognac with magnificent depth, yet classy and delicious texture with enticing aromas of sweet honey and vanilla and flavour notes of caramel, red orchards, dried nuts, and crushed spices .”

- Daniel Stojcic, Ireland's Best Sommelier 2020

“Cognac lovers would find the Or Impérial exciting, yet comfortingly familiar.”

- Spirited Singapore

“...this particular blend brings a whole new meaning to exclusivity.”

- City Nomads

Tai Thong Wine & Spirits re-defines modern spirits and challenges tradition.
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