What a year!

It was the birth of a unique spirit, centuries in the making. Exactly a year ago, on that glamorous evening, Exsto Cognac was birthed.

We didn’t know what to expect. People told us that no one would drink cognac, it’s the age of whiskies. Others told us that those who drink cognacs, love their cognacs dearly. What we learnt that evening, at the beautiful gathering of minds that is 1880, was that good things take time. And people, the best people, are those who are able to appreciate the simple yet profound value of time.

As our sommelier, Julie Dupouy once said, “Tasting Exsto’s centuries’ old eaux de vie is like visiting a time capsule. It feels like magic.”

We’d like to take this time to reflect on the past year on how far we have come and the friends we have made while we make this journey to greater heights. We cannot emphasize any further on how grateful we are to our partners and clients for the fait that they have place in us. What better way to reflect on the last one year than through the memories made that have been immortalized through images?

In these strange times, our hearts are with those who are hit the hardest by Covid-19, those who are battling the front lines. Yet it’s also these times that make us aware of how grateful we are. We’re here at home, spending time, making new memories with our dear ones.

Salut to the past, to artisans who had the wisdom to safekeep a thing of beauty; this time capsule of an eaux de vie which we can cherish in the present. Salut to the future where things will be better. We bid to one and all, good health, good times.


From us all at,

Tai Thong Wine & Spirits Pte Ltd

Exsto Cognac